Ètoile sur Rhône



Building and Enlarging Europe is a duty for everyone: institutions, local communities, politicians, civil society, the business and economic community.

It doesn’t mean a total loss of all national and local identities but integration and enrichment from our diversities and exploitation of our potential so that we can share a common heritage.

The best way to achieve this purpose and its aims is meeting people and to take initiative from the bottom-up involving local communities.

Summit and institutional meetings, often too specialist, are not enough to build a "European Common House". The result could be a frozen and empty construction without the presence and warmth of people. To add a modest contribution to the long and complex process of European integration the Municipality of Viggiano would like to seize the opportunity and the support offered by the European Union to promote a town twinning with Polaniec and Vonitsa. Both the towns belong to European countries so close and dear to us for historical, cultural and religious reasons.

I give all the representatives of the guest towns a really warm welcome.

I would like to thank all the people who did their best to achieve the town twinning.

I hope this event will be an opportunity to improve the cultural and social conscience of the community of Viggiano.

Furthermore, I hope we can start a path together Polaniec and Vonitsa that leads to a visible European citizenship.


    Prof. Vittorio Prinzi